Tasty6 for your office

Interested in bringing Tasty6 to your workplace? 

Tasty6 offers great ways to get juices into your workplace, for your employees or a group of employees.  Our juices & snacks are a great way to supplement a healthy diet in a fast moving environment, helping us to stay on top in a convenient and healthy way.

According to the Financial Times, “…it is widely accepted that eating well helps [employees] perform well at work.. and those who eat well tend to be fitter and more resilient – they deal with stress better, they feel more positive and they are more productive overall.” The Mayo Clinic states “…juicing is a great way to add a wide variety of nutrients we need from fruits and vegetables into our diet.” 

The benefits of drinking organic & fresh juice, locally made, are manyfold — and include:

  • Better ability to focus,
  • Better overall health,
  • Better mood and
  • Improved positive outlook!

Please let us know how we can help to get Tasty6 into your workplace– no matter your size. We have a program that fits your size and intention!

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