Cleanse Instructions 1

The more prepared you are, the better your cleansing experience will be. For optimal cleanse benefits, we recommend you include these healthy habits at least two days before starting your juice cleanse:

  • To help purify your body before your cleanse arrives, begin each day with a glass of warm water with the juice of one lemon. This increases the rate of detoxification by opening the circulatory system and alkalizing bodily fluids. Do this 3 x a day – once in the morning after waking up, once before lunch, and once before dinner.
  • Make an extra effort to hydrate throughout your day with STILL water (at least two liters/day or approx. 64 oz/day). Drinking water helps set the stage for a smoother cleanse because it allows your cells to eliminate toxins more easily, decreases tiredness, and reduces food cravings. 

Avoid the following (at least the day before the cleanse):

  • Alcohol, Nicotine, Caffeinated and diuretic drinks (green tea is a good substitute for coffee leading up to your cleanse)
  • Meat and poultry, Dairy and egg products, Fish and seafood
  • Processed Sugar, Processed foods, Wheat, Refined carbohydrates (bread, white rice, pasta, etc.)

Anything you can eliminate from your diet ahead of time will make it easier once your cleanse begins! If giving up wheat completely feels too drastic, try to stay away from refined starches like white bread, white rice, and pasta. This may sound like a lot to give up but your body will thank you for it in the end! Plus there are lots of other cleanse-friendly foods to eat:

Incorporate the following:

  • Steamed vegetables, Salads, Fruits, Smoothies, Fresh juices
  • Gluten-free grains like quinoa, amaranth and millet

* Results may vary from person to person.