3-day Cleanse Landing

Benefits Include:*

  • Feel energized and refreshed
  • Shed sluggishness & weight
  • Detox & boost your immune system
  • Flush your body with healing nutrients
  • Sleep better
  • Regain your 6 tastes by breaking with processed foods

*Results may vary from person to person.

Every day of your cleanse you get:

  • 7x Cold-Pressed, Raw, Organic Juices & 1 x Mighty Almond Milk
  • 1x Healing Chia Almond Mylk Breakfast w/ Protein, healthy Omegas and key nutrients
  • 1x Delicious Lunch Bowl, Quinoa or Lentil based, with proteins and super-greens
  • 1x Maca Protein Snack, powerful adaptogen great for immunity, endurance and libido
  • Detailed Cleanse & Mindfulness Instructions to benefit most from the experience