Tabitha B.

I just wanted to let you know that this 3-day cleanse is one of the best things that I have ever done! I didn’t think this would work for me because I am a person that has always thought that I needed to eat meat to feel full, but this has totally proven that wrong! I am now questioning the things that I eat and will definitely change my diet away from meat protein even more.  Aside from feeling hungry mid-morning the first day, I have felt satisfied and great the ENTIRE time! And as for the hunger on day 1, I would say that the hunger was only because I was afraid of how I would feel later in the day, so I tried to push too long in between juices. I thought that all of the juices had an amazing combination of flavors and looked forward to them each day! Such a great experience and sooooo unexpected!!! I considered calling you up to see if I could extend it for another 3 days, but then decided against it (mainly for financial reasons). I will definitely do this cleanse another time though!  Thanks for coming to the Sculpt Studio a few weeks ago and introducing me to this!