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Radha C. January 07 2017

I absolutely love very thing and will likely incorporate a monthly cleanse with Tasty 6 going forward just to boost my health/nutrition. I do not feel hungry at all since I ate the chia bowl with no problem. Overall, we are very pleased and will recommend it to our family and friends and are very happy with the products/service! Thanks so much.

Liz V. January 07 2017

I just wanted to tell you how much I loved the cleanse. I have done many cleanse from Joule body to Blue Print and this is the first cleanse where I didn't feel deprived. There were actually days I couldn't finish my juices. I think the blending principals of ayurvedic medicine into the cleanse are helpful because, especially in this weather, it fulfills the need for warming type foods. I actually heated the last milk because decreasing my calories tends to cool me. I will definitely be reordering soon! Thanks!

Sarah P. January 07 2017

As the mother of two little boys, I never thought I would have the ability to do a cleanse without losing my sanity! Thanks to Tasty6 I am on my second 3 day cleanse since New Years. Delivered to your door, juices (and FOOD) yes, you get to eat, is a delightful, gentle and nutrient-inspiring journey! I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a ridiculously easy and delicious way to reboot and reset!

Daisy P. January 07 2017

The juices are unbelievably good. I have a juicer and make my own but I have to admit that yours are a million times better. And I could eat like this forever. I am in love with everything you included. Thanks Tasty6!

Don P. January 07 2017

The most intense and well combined taste profile I have had. I can taste the freshness. Congratulations, Tasty6!

Nikki Z. January 06 2017

The 3-Day Detox is great!!! I’m on my last day and it was easy. The meals were great (especially the lunch), the juices kept me full and my digestive system is functioning freely. I think I’m going to make a lifestyle change and juice for breakfast. Thank you Tasty6!!!!!

Tabitha B. January 06 2017

I just wanted to let you know that this 3-day cleanse is one of the best things that I have ever done! I didn’t think this would work for me because I am a person that has always thought that I needed to eat meat to feel full, but this has totally proven that wrong! I am now questioning the things that I eat and will definitely change my diet away from meat protein even more.  Aside from feeling hungry mid-morning the first day, I have felt satisfied and great the ENTIRE time! And as for the hunger on day 1, I would say that the hunger was only because I was afraid of how I would feel later in the day, so I tried to push too long in between juices. I thought that all of the juices had an amazing combination of flavors and looked forward to them each day! Such a great experience and sooooo unexpected!!! I considered calling you up to see if I could extend it for another 3 days, but then decided against it (mainly for financial reasons). I will definitely do this cleanse another time though!  Thanks for coming to the Sculpt Studio a few weeks ago and introducing me to this!