Take Care of Yourself in the Heat of Summer – Tips on Hydrating Inside and Out, Cooling Foods and Easy Mindfulness! July 27 2016

As we are entering the height summer and temperatures are reaching the upper 90’s and beyond with strong humidity, here are a couple of common sense and Ayurvedic tips to help manage this season even better. While this is a season to relax, it can be taxing and stressful on the body and mind in more than one way:

  • Our metabolism can easily overheat as temperatures increase
  • Bodily imbalances such as sunburn, feeling hot and exhausted may manifest
  • Mentally, we may be more prone to become impatient and lose our temper more easily (even with tasks that usually do not stress us out).

If this sounds like you sometimes, here are some suggestions that might “cool” you down and make life more enjoyable in this season:

Early morning walks and easy walking meditation – Enjoy the warm summer mornings, especially around or below trees, near greenery and grass. This is a refreshing way to start the day, prior to the sometimes punishing heat. It connects you with nature, helps you to soak up the Earth's energy and focus you for the day ahead. Try integrating a walking meditation as you walk throughout the day. Breathe in consciously, focusing on your breath. On the in-breath repeat “I am Alive”, and with the out-breath repeat “I Am Grateful”.  5 to 15 Minutes is plenty. This sets a powerful tone and focus on the present moment for the day.

Hydrate from the Inside – With the intense heat taking out moisture and energy from the earth and our bodies, it is important to stay hydrated. Try taking a refillable BPA-free bottle of water with you during the day that you prepare with a squeeze of lemon (high in Vitamin C, alkalizing, refreshing), a pinch of salt (preferably rock salt with 84 minerals), and maybe a couple of slices of cucumber (refreshing, rehydrating, high in potassium), and/or a slice of ginger (helps with digestion).  This also will help you to be less exhausted and replenish minerals lost when sweating and exercising. Or try our Refresh Coco Cooler! The mix of cooling cucumber, electrolyte-rich coconut water and refreshing mint and lemon is sure to help keep you hydrated from the inside out.

Hydrate from the Outside – Help your skin to deal with the heat and be beautiful at the same time! After taking a shower, dry off well, and mix one spoon of coconut oil with 5 to 8 oz of warm water in bottle. Let the coconut oil dissolve. Then apply to your skin – it will do wonders to moisturize and keep your skin silky and smooth and hydrated throughout the day. When applying, gently massage yourself in circular motions, to get the energy going.

Eat Foods That Cool You Down – Cucumber, watermelon, coconut, and light leafy greens are easily digestible, as with the heat the digestive system tends to be more sluggish.