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10 Ways To Practice Gratitude Daily

When was the last time you took a deep breath and took time to appreciate the good in your life? 

It’s so easy to focus on what’s not working. It’s known as the negativity bias. The idea is that negative experiences or thoughts have more of an effect on us than a good experience. For example, let’s say you spent the entire day at the beach, it was a picturesque day, but when you were in the ocean you lost your hat. More than likely, you will only remember the lost hat and not the beautiful day. 

2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year. We are living in a time of so many unknowns, and it can be so easy to get caught up in the negative. With us having so much exposure to information and the news it can be hard to be grateful for what we do have. 

Practicing gratitude may not come naturally, but it’s something that can become second nature over time. It’s something you really have to make a conscious effort to participate in, and when you do choose gratefulness a lot of the negativity will start to feel trivial.

Did you know that people who practice gratitude: sleep better, are happier, are healthier, are less envious? We could go on and on the positive impacts of practicing gratitude. 

We rounded up our ten favorite ways to practice gratitude:

1. Write down three things you are grateful for each morning. Come up with three different things every morning. Of course, some mornings you may wake up and the day is off to a really bad start. These are the days when you really want to hone in on what you’re grateful for. You’ll find these days can be the ones where it’s hardest to come up with things. These are the days you need it the most!

2. Tell the people you love you are grateful for them. Sounds easy enough, right? But when was the last time you told your loved ones you are grateful for them?

3. Gratitude Meditation. If you like to meditate, try a meditation where you focus on the things you are grateful for in your life.

4. Practice gratitude mantras. Start with a gratitude prompt and repeat it throughout the day. Some examples: 

I am grateful for my....

I am grateful for my job because…

I am grateful for my significant other because…

I am grateful for my body because...

5. Gratitude jar.Think of things you are grateful for and repeat daily. Write them on a piece of paper and add them to your jar. When you are having a particularly rough day pull out a couple of your gratitude notes.

6. Take time to appreciate nature.Take a walk and notice your surroundings. Really take them in. 

7. Leave yourself gratitude notes. Put post-its on your bathroom mirror, on your computer, wherever you spend most of your time. Remind yourself that you are grateful for what you have.

8. Focus on your strengths.Start by thinking of what thing you like about yourself. Then think of two, and three. You get the idea. We are so hard on ourselves. Take time regularly to be grateful for the person you are.

9. Make gratitude part of your family life. Make it a priority to have each family member say three things they are grateful for daily out loud. 

10. When something goes good, celebrate!Take time to notice and appreciate a positive experience. It can be so easy to quickly move on to the next thing without fully embracing a good moment.

Gratitude takes practice, and lots of it. Over time it becomes easier and you will start to notice a big difference in the way you interact with others and the way you treat yourself!

How do you practice gratitude? We’d love to hear it. Share your favorite gratitude practice on Instagram Stories and tag us @tasty6.