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Immune Supporting Elixir

Creating an Immune boosting elixir Packed with Ginger & Turmeric Roots

At Tasty6, when we put our mind to creating a shot that truly supports the immune system and recovery for body, mind and spirit, we knew that we needed to go big and dig in. We do not use powders.  Only whole ingredients are used to ensure your body gets the immune defense it needs. 

We include the very best antioxidant rich, anti-inflammatory ingredients and adaptogens:

- Turmeric is one of the foods with the highest antioxidant values available. Our organic Turmeric root comes from Fiji’s super-nutritious volcanic soil. We press the root, bringing out all the curcumin (active ingredient) and essential oils in the Turmeric root as possible. The essential oils help your body absorb the curcumin, the active ingredient that makes Turmeric so powerful. 

We press the root because using powder is not as beneficial to your body. Powdered turmeric does not include the essential oils our body needs to absorb the curcumin.

- Ginger is a very rich anti-inflammatory food filled with phenolic and terpene compounds, known as gingerols, which have many health benefits. 

Pressing the organic Ginger root releases all of its goodness and essential oils to benefit the response in our body. 

- Ashwagandha is a powerful herb and adaptogen (helps the body adapt and respond to stress) used in traditional Ayurveda to reduce stress, rejuvenate and revitalize!

Right quantities

We formulated our shot to give you the highest, most effective amount of each ingredient. It is recommended that you take between 500-2000 mg of Turmeric a day. Our shots include 1200 mg. That's more than any other shot on the market. 

Right preparation

Following Ayurvedic recipes and ancient Balinese and Indonesian Jamu tradition, we gently heat press Turmeric and Ginger root juice with their essential oils. We then add MCT Oil, Ashwagandha, and Black Pepper, important functional components of ingredients, which allow for higher absorption and activation into our system. 

The gentle heat will not deactivate any of the functional components of the ingredients. In this case, they become more bioavailable in the body. 

Formulated in a way that they all play together and off each other.

Adding MCT Oil (a coconut derived oil that converts to energy in the liver) allows the Turmeric and Ginger to be better absorbed by our digestive lining, as they are both oil soluble (but not water soluble.)

Adding piperine from Black Pepper increases absorption of Turmeric by up to 2,000 times.

Gently heating the ingredients allows them to bond, releasing and activating their beneficial qualities even more.

We believe that this unique fusion of Western nutritional science and 5,000 year-old practice of Ayurvedic wisdom and Balinese medicine, is unique and powerful. We design with love, curiosity, and with a focus to obtain a shot that supports your Immunity in ways beyond what we had ever envisioned! 

The benefits of the ingredients by themselves and in combination range from:

Boosting anti-oxidant activity and fighting cell oxidation ( );

Boosting immunity ( );

Aiding in and speeding up muscle recovery after sports;

Reducing stress and cortisol levels ( )

Supporting anti-inflammatory response ( );

Reducing pains associated with osteoporosis and arthritis;