Feel the Beets – Become a Staminator

Amazing Benefits of Raw Beet Juice

While the initial reaction I get from people who try our beet juice STAMINATOR is that they either love or hate Beets, the scientifically researched health benefits are truly amazing. And hence make it important that we all try to show the Beets some LOVE! And while many love it and for others yet it is an acquired taste, it is a further amazing how speedy and easy it is to unlock the benefits once you integrate beets into your diet.

It has only been in recent decades that scientific research has focused on the health benefits of BEETS as a “functional food”, and the benefits are mindboggling (1), (2), (3):

  • Improves blood flow, increases stamina and balances oxygen;
  • Very high in antioxidants and nitrates;
  • Good for cardiovascular health, as it lowers blood pressure significantly and manages hypertension;
  • Lowers oxidative stress and inflammation

Significantly improves Blood Flow – increased Stamina, allows for better use of Oxygen, improves Brain functioning and reduces Blood Pressure

Beets contain high amounts of nitrates, a compound which improves blood flow throughout the whole body, including muscles, the heart and brain. It has been shown that “…dietary nitrate may be useful in improving regional brain [blood delivery] in older adults in critical brain areas known to be involved in executive functioning”(6).

Increasing nitric oxide in the blood vessels allows blood vessels to open up further and thereby enhances uptake of oxygen. Beet juice “…improves muscle efficiency and endurance exercise” and “…improves performance during intense intermittent exercise”(3), and also “… beetroot juice supplementation [is] associated with a significant reduction in systolic Blood Pressure”(2).

Beet Juice as a high source of Antioxidants and Anti-Inflammatory Agents

Beetroot is a rich source of “phytochemical compounds, that includes ascorbic acid, carotenoids, phenolic acids and flavonoids”(1), and one of the few sources of the betalains, which are strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities and are being investigated for “…helping with reduction in oxidative stress, chronic inflammation such as liver disease and arthritis and cancer(4)(5)”.

Just 5 oz of Raw Beet Juice a day needed to get the necessary benefits

Research shows that with just 3 to 5 oz of Raw Beet Juice not large quantities are needed to obtain the beneficial effects to beetroots, but rather 3 to 5 oz of raw beet root juice a day(7).

While often it is best to eat the whole fruit or vegetable to get all the nutrients and fiber, beets when cooked or fermented may loose some of the vitamins and anti-oxidants. Drinking raw beet juice may allow for maximum nutrient availability and easy absorption.

Are There Any Side Effects to Drinking Beet Juice?

People who have naturally low blood pressure should use caution when drinking beet juice, as it may lead to an unsafe drop in blood pressure and make them feel lightheaded(7). Also, the red betalain pigmentation of beet juice color your urine and bowel movement red, which is harmless.

The nitrates found in Beets are naturally occurring and convert to safe nitrites in your body, and have nothing to do with the unhealthy nitrites used in preserving meats.

Conclusion: LOVE the BEETS – be a STAMINATOR

Raw Beet Juice is a useful and very healthy addition to your diet and for a healthy lifestyle. Tasty6 offers a powerful Raw Beet Juice, called STAMINATOR. It was designed to bring close to 7 oz of raw Red Beet juice, plus the power of Italian Parsley, Cucumber, Lemon and Apple and Himalayan Salt.

*Editor’s Note: The information in this article is intended for your educational use only; it is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition and before undertaking any diet, supplement, fitness, or other health program.

Feeling like you need to increase your stamina after the weekend? You might just want to try our Tasty Beet Root Juice from one of our local suppliers. 

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