How a 3-Day Juice Cleanse Can Reboot Your Health

We believe the 3 Day Cleanse to be the spark that has the power to start a transformation to a sustained, healthier plant-based diet.

While a “healthy” lifestyle is made up to include several key elements, including physical activity, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, positive stress management, among others - but a “healing” nutrition is a core foundation without which the other elements will have difficulty taking hold. Why healing nutrition? Because food, when done right, is healing from the inside out, and helps us to prevent “disease”, makes us feel energized and healthy. Ready for anything.

Many of us this time of the year re-examine our diets as part of a New Years resolution. Or just because we do know that improving our body’s health over the long term is a sound strategy. With more and more research coming out every year about the dangers of a diet rich in processed foods and sugars, we are all looking for ways to start a positive transformation towards a healthier diet, rich in nutrients, fiber, and fresh fruits, vegetables and complete proteins. And at the same time, a diet that fits into our busy schedule and life’s, and is still tasty – a true alternative to a not so healthy lifestyle.

It is straight forward, but often times our behavior in form of a busy and often stressful lifestyle stands in the way of continuously adopting a healthy lifestyle and sticking with it most of the time.

One powerful solution to get started? Small steps are a great start – and specifically a 3-Day Cleanse. When done right, it can be the tool to break a cycle of processed food, caffeine, alcohol and refined carbs. And get you started on liking a diet that is plant-based and healing at the same time.

For best results, choose a 3-Day Cleanse that combines the following attributes:

  • Combines both cold-pressed, raw juices with low sugar content and plant-based foods. A cleanse based purely on juices will not have enough protein and fiber, and leads our system to burn of proteins rom the liver and then the muscles within 24 to 48 hours after starting a pure juice diet. If healthy, protein- and fiber-dense foods are included, then the nutritional effect is maximized, while enhancing detoxification at the same time.
  • It has to be organic. When a cleanse includes cold-pressed fruits and vegetable juices, the produce is pressed with 9 tons of pressure or more to extract all the nutrients from the fruits, vegetables, and most of all, their skin. But it is also in the skin that toxic pesticides hide a-plenty. No use detoxing with toxins. It has now been widely proven that certified organic growing practices, such as crop rotation, no toxic pesticides, and clean water usage.

Key benefits of a 3-Day Organic Juice Cleanse (with plant-based foods):

  • Break the cycle of cravings of foods that are not useful to your health 
  • The body is being flooded with super-nutrients, all organic, healing, easily absorbed – highly anti-inflammatory and raw;
  • Eliminate gluten, dairy, refined carbs and sugars, coffee and alcohol allows us to notice whether we are better off than not having all or some of them in our diet;
  • Naturally lose weight, as the body reduces bloating, sheds water weight, and fat, while feeling more energy. Drinking adequate amounts of fluids, without dehydrating effects of coffee, leads to more clarity and energy;
  • Rest your stomach and repair your gut – giving it a break from any processed or acidic foods (incl. alcohol), with give the gut flora time to repair itself. The nutrients from the juices are easy to absorb, and the fiber from the food helps to carry out any remaining toxins;
  • Rest the liver, our body’s main detoxifying organ, allowing it to work through regular toxin elimination more effectively;
  • Reduce your appetite – as the regular drinking and small, nutrient dense meals and snacks keep your appetite in check, allowing for better digestion, more energy, helping you to change possible habits of large portion eating;
  • Start appreciating the benefit of fresh, simple, tasty foods, feeling satiated. Especially if combined with the 6 tastes approach – of including sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent into every meal (for more information click here). This is based on an ancient Southern Asian 5,000 year-old healing science, Ayurveda, and makes meals more satiating, balancing, and reduces cravings; Tasty6 3-Day Cleanse is based on including all 6 tastes into every juice and meal;

Tasty6 offers 3-Day Juice Cleanse and Detoxes and 6-Day Cleanses and Detox packages, using only organic ingredients. All of Tasty6 meals and juices are designed with Western nutritional science in mind, and combining it with the ancient healing wisdom of Ayurveda. To order or find out more click here