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Don’t Know Matcha About Green Tea? January 27 2017

Matcha is a tea powder ground from the finest green tea leaves, concentrating the benefits of green tea many times over. With sole origin from Japan, it used to be unique to Japanese tea ceremony for over hundreds of years and honored in the eyes of Buddhist monks as a powerful ‘health elixir’.

Staying Healthy in Fall - The Power of the Mighty Almond October 09 2016

As Summer gives way to Fall, this changing season is characterized by dryer, wetter, colder qualities among other. We want to eat foods that balance us in Fall, that give us sustenance as the season changes.

Feel the Beets – Become a Staminator September 11 2016

While the initial reaction I get from people who try our beet juice STAMINATOR is that they either love or hate Beets, the scientifically researched health benefits are truly amazing. 

Suggestion for practicing Mindfulness during your Reboot & Rebalance, taking your cleanse onto a deeper level July 29 2016

In every moment we have the opportunity to be present and aware . . . to let go of whatever fear, constriction, and stories are running through our mind as we come fully into the present moment.

Take Care of Yourself in the Heat of Summer – Tips on Hydrating Inside and Out, Cooling Foods and Easy Mindfulness! July 27 2016

As we are entering the height summer and temperatures are reaching the upper 90’s and beyond with strong humidity, here are a couple of common sense and Ayurvedic tips to help manage this season even better.

How to Detox in a Healthy Way April 07 2016

With all the buzz, all the offers, the question remains – what is a good detox, one that truly energizes you and is healthy? Some key elements include:

Lose Weight and Start on a Path to a Healthy Diet with a Juice Cleanse – Fact or Fiction? February 13 2016

juice cleanse is no silver bullet to weight loss – but a juice cleanse program is a wonderful way to lose some pounds quickly. And more importantly, the right cleanse program can be a powerful tool to start on a journey to more weight loss and a healthy diet.

How a 3-Day Juice Cleanse Can Reboot Your Health January 18 2016

We believe the 3-Day Cleanse to be the spark that has the power to start a transformation to a sustained, healthier plant-based diet.

3 Benefits of Spring Cleanse and How it Works March 25 2015

Spring is finally here! What a great time to re-energize and help our bodies to get a fresh start. This is the time to shed that winter sluggishness, the stored energy to keep us warm and is no longer needed as the seasons change.

6 Steps to an Effective, Productive and Enjoyable Cleanse March 25 2015

While there are many opinions of how to best cleanse, fast or other detox our body, we believe that a 6-day path of mindful eating and juicing is a good commencement and introduction into a cleanse